Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"No texting" progress

So it's day two of no texting and just talking, and I must say it's harder not to text than I thought. I guess I was so accustomed to just texting whenever I have downtime that's it is a habit now. A habit I'm definitely going to conquer because it's so nice to call my hubby and not already know exactly what he's doing. I feel as if we are actively listening more in our conversations because I haven't texted him "what r u up to?" thirty minutes prior to calling. I don't already know that he's playing Halo Reach or getting ready for bed. It's nice.

Shameless Hubby Bragging: 
Our favorite reality tv show is Top Chef. I bought the season pass on itunes so the current episode downloads the day after it airs. I'm obsessed.  Tonight was the season finale and my hubby, in his infinite wisdom and kind spirit, suggested he hold off from watching it live, as he was planning on doing, so that we can watch it together when I'm home in between cities on Monday! We have skyped while both watching an episode but it's not the same as spooning on the couch together. Our love of Top Chef goes way back to when we started dating so it's strange to have been watching this season separately. Now we have a wonderful experience to share and to look forward to, and it's the anticipation of those little things in life that help pass the time until we are together again. And the sappy award goes to... me.


  1. I like the shameless hubby bragging part.

  2. He's playing Halo Reach. Duh. ;)

    Loving the blog. I tried to comment a few days ago but got an error message. Granted, I was commenting from my phone while walking through Target, so an error message isn't too big of a surprise. But I got it now. :)