Friday, September 23, 2011

More crafty-ness

We had extra fabric from our bedroom curtains so I sent them back to NJ with Adam and asked him to do this:
Thrilled at how it came out!

Here are some pics of the curtains I just finished for our living room and also a pillow for either the couch or a chair:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our First Place!

We officially have our own place! We've been married for a year and a half and can finally start to open and use our wedding gifts. They have been sitting in their boxes in our storage room in NJ since the wedding.

Since I have still been on the road, we decided it was more financially responsible for him to stay where he was with roommates instead of paying to live by himself. We were able to save a lot in rent money for the last two years since I've been traveling, but opportunity knocked and we decided it was time. Our friends Jesse and Megan were looking for someone to rent the ground level one bedroom apartment in their house. WITH a parking spot, dishwasher, and room for a washer/dryer. Too good to be true.

Adam and Jesse (and also Adam's Dad when he was in town) have surprised me with how handy they are! In order to have the washer and dryer where we want it, they had to expand the living room closet. I can't believe they know how to do that. It looks professionally done.
I've been doing my own part to make our place special. I'm attempting to be Suzie Homemaker. One of the hidden luxuries of being a part of a show is the use of the sewing machines. And the access to people who can teach you to use them. :-) So far I have made curtains for the bedroom and a pillow to match.

Now I'm working on curtains for the living room. I finished one panel yesterday and hopefully will finish the other today and also a pillow for the sofa!