Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Joining the Blog World

So this is all new for me.
Yesterday was my six month anniversary of our wedding, and I realized we have spent collectively maybe four weeks together since the wedding. Strange but true. I am on a national tour at the moment and my hubby resides just outside New York City. I have a dream job, and I count my blessing constantly. But as far as starting our life together goes, we have a huge road block. Every book for newlyweds that I open starts with "cohabitation"... wah wah. I'm living in a hotel and he's saving money by living with roommates while our beautiful wedding gifts sit packed away in our storage closet. (You'd better believe that I won't have random roommates using our nice Kate Spade china before I do) There is no "how-to" guide for what we are doing. And I have to believe that there are other people out there like us. Newlyweds just trying to get by and start their life together the best they know how to. So I'm putting our story out there, not to get any sympathy or to complain, but to share our experiences in hopes that other newlyweds facing similar situation can find comfort that they are not alone.

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