Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Day Care Package

I had a surprise at work last night. I got to my spot in the dressing room and had a big box waiting for me from Grayson, GA. My mom sent me this:

It was a box full of the ingredients to make two of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes: Cornbread Dressing (my family doesn't do "stuffing," we do "dressing") and Green Bean Casserole (which we grew up calling  "Beans and Crunchies" and it was probably college before I realized that isn't a universal term). Also in there was a can of turnip greens and cranberry sauce, which goes really well on top of a piece of Dressing. All I needed to buy today was milk, since Vanilla Silk might not go well in Dressing, and an onion. 
At the moment I'm cooking the cornbread so I'll be all set for tomorrow!
Even though I don't get to be at home on Thanksgiving, at least it will smell like my mom's cooking and it will (hopefully) taste like it too!
My mom is the best.

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  1. haha...I remember Morgan calling it "green beans and crunchies"...your family is so cute!