Thursday, November 4, 2010

Finally, a Full Week!

I haven't written in a few weeks because I'm not feeling very insightful but since a momentous occasion occurred, I figured I'd write about it.

Adam and I spent our first full week together since the wedding (which was seven and a half months ago). He flew in on a Wednesday and left on a Wednesday. That's HUGE for us. We usually do the two days in between cities and I'm usually useless from waking up for a 6 am flight.

The main reason we were able to do this is because he was a patient at St. Jude when he was a child. They now have this amazing program called St. Jude Life where they fly former patients in and give them a complete physical and blood workup. It's to see how they are functioning as adults. My hubby was in the control group since he never had chemo, just surgery.

ANYWAYS, when they contacted him to see if he could give up a few days to come to Memphis for the study, they left it up to him when he wanted to come... so of course he picked while I was in Memphis! Thank you St. Jude for his round trip airfare! Oh yeah, and also for my hubby ;-).

Here's a little highlight from our Memphis trip:

In front of Rendezvous

Adam dropped his last two ribs on the dirty floor... let them sit there for over a minute while he gave me the pouty face, then continued to rip a piece off the top and eat it.

Not amused.

Adam with the Peabody Ducks

The incredible National Civil Rights Museum

Watching the sunset over the Mississippi

After we had our fun in Memphis, we headed to Hot Springs, AR for two days (in between cities for me). As with all of our little mini-vacations... it rained. It always rains. Lake Lure Inn in NC, LBI wedding (though thankfully not on the wedding day), and now Hot Springs. I feel like I'm missing one too...

Oh well. We made the most of it. We stayed at this wonderful Bed and Breakfast, called Lookout Point Inn. 

They were so nice and the place was beautiful. 

We relaxed by swinging on the hammock by the lake (in between the rain showers), 

touring an old historic bath house from 1915, 

getting massages, and walking around the Garvan Botanical Gardens.

(I guess it looks like it didn't rain all that much, but obviously we don't have pictures from the rain... and as you can tell from my frizzy hair, it was certainly humid still.)

It was a really wonderful week and went by WAY too quickly.

Now I'm off to try to find the bright side of being in Little Rock...


  1. She didn't mention that the last photo was kind of an amazing feat. I set up the camera using broken sticks I found on the ground to prop up the camera on a waterfall rock, set the timer and sprinted over rocks, uphill, to get there in time for the shot.

    Another fun example of traveling newlywed skill.

    It was a really fun week! Who cares if it rained? We OWN the rainy days now!

  2. If I remember from the wedding I went to (years ago) in Little Rock (I think, it was somewhere in AR) then there should be a row of bars a few blocks from the Peabody...but, that hotel was nice when I was there so now I am wondering if I am thinking of the wrong city. I don't remember any restaurants really...I will ask the girls whose wedding I went to and see what she suggests.

  3. It's fine and I did see some bars around here. It's just that there isn't much else within walking distance. I have to rent a car tomorrow because I need to go to walgreens and go to the grocery.
    We just were in Memphis and the Peabody there is in a completely different league than this Peabody. Old, historic, and beautiful. This one was definitely built in the 80s...