Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vacation Coming Up...

I canNOT wait for my vacation. Last Christmas, after spending it in Indianapolis on tour, Adam and I promised each other we'd be home for Christmas 2011. I put in for two weeks of vacation over Christmas back in May and vividly remember doing a happy dance in the Spokane botanical garden when I got a phone call saying that it was granted.

It's funny how things work out. My amazingly talented Hubby booked A Christmas Carol, The Musical at Arkansas Rep as Bob Cratchit, so we'll be celebrating in Little Rock this year! Oh the life of an actor. :-)

But I am really looking forward to being a housewife for two weeks! I want to cook meals and bake for Adam and his cast. I want to wear an apron. I want to send him to the theater with cookies to share. I've even started collecting recipes on Pinterest (which, btw, is fantastic and I'm sad it wasn't around when we were wedding planning... although I feel like it could have made it hard to make decisions, seeing all of the good ideas out there) for the Holidays. I hope to relax and chill and cuddle and see A Christmas Carol and watch holiday movies and go look at Christmas lights... sigh.

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