Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's been a while...

I haven't really posted much lately because it's been busy and we had five weeks apart. But Adam just came to visit me in Albuquerque (and just left this morning) and I thought I'd share some pictures...

We took a day trip to Santa Fe on Monday and saw the oldest church in the United States, from around 1610.

There was also a bell from 1356 inside, which we got to ring!

Then we went into the Loretto Chapel, which has this crazy spiral staircase that was created without any nails, just wooden pegs. It also has no center support but yet makes two complete 360 degree spirals.

We then visited the railyards and Adam climbed on the trains (which I didn't because I'm convinced that's tresspassing).

Finally we took the scenic route home...

Next we are looking forward to our Disney vacation in two and a half weeks! Cannot WAIT!!!

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